Saturday, November 14, 2009

Final Post

I decided to end this blog with what I've learnt.

1) PLAN!!!!!!!!!

I've learnt that you must plan, especially in the storyboarding stage, down to the keyframe. My main reason that the film wasnt done on time, was because I didnt plan exactly what the ghost or the dog would do, I kind of got carried away, especially with the sleeping scene.

2) Make a reasonable schedule. I made a schedule, but it was very vague, and I wish I had followed it a bit better, though, the other assginments didnt exactly help.

I have learnt a lot about animation in this assignment though. And I really liked some of what I did. I wish I could have had more fun with the backgrounds though. And also, I would have liked to see what it looked like in colour.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

work work work

still animating...

first dog walk cycle ever! thankgod for the animation survival kit, or I would be screwed. It's great to go back to the basics though, I'm realising why I did animation in the first place :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

animating away

aproximate animation done so far : 30 seconds

still a LOT to go...good news is, I've learnt a lot about animation in this time, and am realising different techniques and what looks good etc. other than that, nothing else really to report on...

Friday, October 9, 2009


just was animating, and made little ghosty pout, and sulk off, and realised how much he looks like a fish with the line work (basically the circle on his head) so I had to stick a screencap here just for shits and giggles

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


currently animating the ghost at the moment, goin a bit crazy, 20 seconds in...and NOW he starts sulking off. I had too much fun waking him up, rolling over and yawning, I'm liking it so far, but now I have to figure out a ghost walk cycle, well, more of a ghost float cycle...but it's difficult to come up with something that looks good

but here are some more backgrounds, or a background

I wanna thank Marianna for the dead bird idea :D

Friday, September 25, 2009

experimental done!

well, it's over, thankgod. one assignment finally out of the way haha. I had a lot of fun though, and when working straight ahead with cutouts, with no practice, I'm pretty happy with it, especially the swinging part at the end, the timing just seemed to work well. and I managed to include smear frames, win! here are some screencaps
hmm, things I learnt, don't eat the lollies when you've been animating them for hours on a rostrum table that has been used by several people before you

make sure you check the animation constantly, cos it aint easy to go back and fix it up

colour palette

here it is John, enjoy :P

just the major colours, so I could have reference when doing the other rooms

Sunday, September 20, 2009

a much better house

yeah, was not happy with the original house. SO i redid it, the composition is SOOOO much better now. i'm still not overall happy with it, I feel like it needs more detail, but then the style wouldnt fit with the rest of the film, so I decided to leave it

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

yay for perspective!

alrighty, fixed the perspective and made it look SOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!

haunted house...again

so what, I'm a friggin perfectionist, I wouldnt finish until I was content, plus, got a little advice from Alexis, and made some changes. I'm a LOT happier now, the roof looks ten times better, and the added depth to the grass adds so much.
I also did another one, of the room, with our ghost character, He looks a lot neater than normal, cos I used the pen tool :D

It was really hard picking the colours. Cos the idea is that he's a teenage boy character, but the house is haunted, but i wanted it to look not too creepy, so I kinda settled on the same purple and red combination, which seemed to work for the exterior of the house. And I think it turned out alright. I might still edit it, but I'm fairly content with it at the moment

Ghost and Dog poses

here are the movement sheets for the ghost and the dog, and yes, the puppy does turn into a big dog, you dont really get his size from the sheet, but basically, he's huge!

Haunted house fixed up

Ok, edited a few things to give it a more polished look

a bit disappointing that I spent all day working on this and it's only in the scene for about 2 seconds...might have to use it for a bit longer, haha

Haunted House

This is my first background :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

A few turnarounds

development la di da - with additions from neil and matt

Yeah, I've been sketching away for my major project, I've gone through some pretty dramatic character changes, with a lot of input from John, Alexis, Matt and Neil. And all I can really say is "Pimps and Hoes"
here are some bits of my sketchbook

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Experimental - change of mind

yeah, I did it again, I changed my mind.

I'm keeping the silouette idea, but instead, using that for my major project, which I'm super excited about

anyway, my idea for experimental is to take a leaf out of PES's book, and animate candy. I thought 'Lollipop' by Mika would be good song.

basic inspiration for this

Sunday, August 16, 2009

props 'n' stuff

just playing around with some ideas

new idea, new designs

still going with the cut out idea, but decided to go more cartoony, with facial expression. As much as I love the crash thing, I'm trying to be a bit different so it doesnt look the same. its difficult, the animation and characters are just so cool!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

silouette ideas

just some quick concepty stuff for what the backgrounds could look like. I'm liking the whole tower thing, makes for some interesting shapes. The first one looks a little steampunk...the second tower looks very witchy. i like the witchy one :D

ideas for experimental

Originally I was going to do this for my 3rd year film, but in flash, I think as an experiment, I might try it with real cut outs

here is my inspiration

I love the idea of giant backgrounds, so I'm gonna try it, and I'm thinking a cheesy princess/enchanted thing, with a horse, and a little tower. Could be fun.

Just need to get hold of that black cardboard

Hey John!

ok, now my 2d subject has decided to take over this blog.

So what will I do...


personally, I'd like to thank Josh Murphy for posting such wonderful things on my facebook.

and my personal favourite

am extremely tempted to do the photos, but I dont think I have the time to do a decent one, maybe after I graduate, haha

bye for now~

I go' betta - Sketch Dump

Apparently my drawing skills seem to be improving, after looking at these and comparing them to something I stuck in my portfolio for my animation course, which now makes me want to puke.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

life drawing - shadows and edges

ok, found this link, i want to make sure to look at this, the shading is great help,

this one is great too, explaining edges and how they look with a light source. the picture towards the middle of the girl's face is a great example!

also, some head tutorials, similar to the first link

art theory

ok, found colour theory tutorial too, thought this would be awesome!

more lighting

found a great lighting tutorial for concept art at

things you see at a train station

3 monkeys and a train

stuff at the three monkeys cafe
on the train

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life Drawing

Drawings from Cuba


to get inspiration and ideas for lighting in concept art, I sorta browsed through Deviantart and found some artworks that used really expressive lighting without making it look Cheesy
This one I liked because it stood out, and was the centre of the piece. The orange is very dramatic and causes the viewer to look straight towards the Pumpkin King. Definetely must try this out, it's making me want to do more big concepty stuff!


Just a quick thumbnail of part of the trainstation, whilst waiting for my train
A blue sketch of the chairs...on the train

Monday, May 25, 2009

out of uni life drawing

sketchbook dump

Here is a massive load of observational drawing that I've done over the past weeks.