Tuesday, June 9, 2009

life drawing - shadows and edges

ok, found this link, i want to make sure to look at this, the shading is great help,


this one is great too, explaining edges and how they look with a light source. the picture towards the middle of the girl's face is a great example!


also, some head tutorials, similar to the first link


art theory

ok, found colour theory tutorial too, thought this would be awesome!

more lighting

found a great lighting tutorial for concept art at conceptart.org


things you see at a train station

3 monkeys and a train

stuff at the three monkeys cafe
on the train

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life Drawing

Drawings from Cuba


to get inspiration and ideas for lighting in concept art, I sorta browsed through Deviantart and found some artworks that used really expressive lighting without making it look Cheesy

This one I liked because it stood out, and was the centre of the piece. The orange is very dramatic and causes the viewer to look straight towards the Pumpkin King. Definetely must try this out, it's making me want to do more big concepty stuff!


Just a quick thumbnail of part of the trainstation, whilst waiting for my train
A blue sketch of the chairs...on the train