Sunday, August 16, 2009

props 'n' stuff

just playing around with some ideas

new idea, new designs

still going with the cut out idea, but decided to go more cartoony, with facial expression. As much as I love the crash thing, I'm trying to be a bit different so it doesnt look the same. its difficult, the animation and characters are just so cool!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

silouette ideas

just some quick concepty stuff for what the backgrounds could look like. I'm liking the whole tower thing, makes for some interesting shapes. The first one looks a little steampunk...the second tower looks very witchy. i like the witchy one :D

ideas for experimental

Originally I was going to do this for my 3rd year film, but in flash, I think as an experiment, I might try it with real cut outs

here is my inspiration

I love the idea of giant backgrounds, so I'm gonna try it, and I'm thinking a cheesy princess/enchanted thing, with a horse, and a little tower. Could be fun.

Just need to get hold of that black cardboard

Hey John!

ok, now my 2d subject has decided to take over this blog.

So what will I do...


personally, I'd like to thank Josh Murphy for posting such wonderful things on my facebook.

and my personal favourite

am extremely tempted to do the photos, but I dont think I have the time to do a decent one, maybe after I graduate, haha

bye for now~

I go' betta - Sketch Dump

Apparently my drawing skills seem to be improving, after looking at these and comparing them to something I stuck in my portfolio for my animation course, which now makes me want to puke.